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Free: Cleaning, adjustments, nose-pads and screw replacements for the life of your eyewear.

Replacement policy: Not happy with your purchase?- Any frame or lens changes must be performed within 60 days of the original order date. Replacement orders may be subject to additional out of pocket cost due to a change in the frame or lens pricing. Some insurance carriers and their labs will not allow any changes to the initial order and therefore Insight Eye Care must follow the terms set up in the insurance carrier’s contract (Eyemed, VSP, Davis, etc.)

– Each pair of eyewear is custom-made to order, therefore any refunds will be at the discretion of Insight Eye Care and may be subject to any unrecoverable lab or restocking fees. All orders are placed on the same day and cannot be canceled after 24 hours due to lab and insurance provider policies. Therefore, if your order is already in the process you will not be refunded the cost of any associated lab fees.

Frame warranty: Our frame warranty allows for one replacement within a year of purchase due to any manufacturing or frame defect. Broken frames may be replaced once due to individual vendor replacement policies.

Scratched lenses: No lenses are scratch-proof but many labs provide a one-year, one-time replacement warranty depending on the type of lens and scratch coatings purchased. Insight Eye Care will work with our labs and determine if your lenses can be replaced under warranty.

– If there is a need to change your lenses due to a Doctor’s prescription, or material change, it can be done within 60 days. Any lens upgrades are subject to appropriate fees.

At Insight Eye Care we encourage the use of a new frame to ensure that your investment in our high-quality lenses will last as long as possible. If you do decide to use your own frames Insight Eye Care and its affiliated labs cannot be responsible if a breakage, though unlikely, occurs during the manufacturing or dispensing process. Frames can get brittle over time which may cause breakage while removing your previous lenses and installing the new set. Please expect to surrender the frame for about two weeks.

At Insight Eye Care we always strive to provide the best service possible to our patients. We can not provide pupillary distance measurements for outside purchases to due liability reasons and our lack of control over the quality of eyewear purchased online or elsewhere. When we fabricate eyewear there is a multi-step quality process to ensure the glasses are made to standard within our practice. Pd’s are not part of the medical record/exam and we are not obligated to provide this to you.

Cleaning Your Eye Wear:

DO: Use a mild eyeglass cleaner or spray- Wipe with microfiber or silk cloth. Hand washcloth frequently to keep your lenses streak free.- Store in the case when not wearing.

DON’T: Do not use any paper products or your clothing to clean your glasses.- Do not use window cleaner or ammonia-based products.- Never clean your lenses with dry cloth alone.- Never keep your glasses in a hot or cold car unprotected.

Specialty Contact Lens and Fitting

A specialty contact lens is a lens that is medically necessary for the health of the eye. It is used to treat the symptoms of certain eye health issues. It involves specific measurements and may take several return trips to see the doctor get the fitting just right. The type of lens used is determined by the eye itself. We strive for the best vision possible and we take into consideration every aspect of the patient’s eye health. In doing this, there are specific costs incurred.

Specialty Lens Fitting ranges between $200 and $300 (includes follow-up fitting visits for 6 months).

Specialty Contact lenses range between $300 and $800 for each lens/eye.

Insurance may or may not cover the cost of the fitting and/or the lenses. Our staff will work with your insurance to get as much coverage as possible, but MOST of the time the insurance will not cover this cost. It is therefore our policy that the patient is responsible for the full cost of the contact fitting fee and contact lenses at the time of the initial visit. Insight Eye Care will bill your insurance when applicable and reimburse the patient the appropriate amount once payment is received from the insurance company.