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Having options in vision correction is a wonderful thing, and the team at Insight Eye Care in Williamsville and Lockport, New York, works hard to bring you the very best eyeglasses and contacts on the market. Hybrid lenses are part of those offerings, and they can be a great fit for many men and women who find other types of contacts challenging to wear. To explore hybrid lenses in more detail, book an appointment online or by phone today.

Hybrid Lenses

What are hybrid contact lenses?

Hybrid contact lenses combine the visual acuity available from rigid gas permeable lenses with the comfort available from soft contacts. They’re manufactured with a rigid gas permeable center lens surrounded by an outer skirt made of softer lens material.

There are hybrid lenses that offer single-vision or multifocal correction. Multifocal or progressive hybrid contact lenses contain three powers of strength, addressing near, intermediate, or distance vision.

Are hybrid contacts right for me?

Not everyone needs or will benefit from hybrid contact lenses. This option may be worth considering, however, if the following conditions apply:

  • You want crisper vision correction
  • You suffer from keratoconus
  • You’ve had refractive surgery but aren’t satisfied with the results
  • You’ve sustained corneal trauma or a transplant that led to a corneal distortion
  • You have significant astigmatism

Many of these issues stem from corneal distortion or irregularity. That can make it hard to wear rigid gas permeable contacts comfortably. Hybrid lenses offer a solution because they function like rigid lenses but have an outer ring of soft material for a more comfortable fit. That soft ring also helps keep the rigid portion of the lenses in the proper position.

Your optometrist will perform multiple tests to determine whether hybrid contact lenses are a good fit for your vision correction needs.

Do hybrid contact lenses require special care?

Hybrid contacts require the same type of general care as soft contacts. You might even be able to use the same solutions for cleaning.

It’s important to take care to avoid placing too much pressure on the center portion of a hybrid contact lens during cleaning. Because the central portion of the lens is rigid, it can break if it’s placed under excessive pressure. Once you get used to handling and cleaning your new lenses, however, the process will be just as fast and easy as with other lens types.  

If you’d like to learn more about hybrid contact lenses, schedule a consultation at Insight Eye Care today. These specialized contacts are just one of many available options, and there is a vision correction solution for virtually every set of needs. You can book your visit online or over the phone.