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What is AgeJET PlasmaRejuvenation?

The AgeJET device transforms nitrogen gas into energy and delivers it through a controlled, ultra-high radiofrequency handpiece. This energy penetrates the dermal tissue, generating heat to trigger the production of new elastin and collagen while eliminating damaged collagen.

AgeJET presents notable advancements over previous resurfacing methods.

Historically, these treatments frequently resulted in undesired side effects like alterations in skin texture, pigment irregularities, skin lightening, and even scarring. Utilizing PlasmaResurfacing for skin rejuvenation yields more predictable and skin-friendly outcomes.

PlasmaRejuvenation takes a comprehensive approach to improving your skin.

Unlike other technologies that focus on specific areas for tissue protection, or the treatment of particular skin issues related to aging, PlasmaResurfacing addresses your skin as a whole. With this single device, you can effectively target wrinkles, elasticity concerns, scars, pigmentation issues, and more simultaneously.

AgeJET does not harm or disrupt the skin's surface.

Unlike lasers and other treatments that ablate or vaporize the skin’s surface to initiate healing responses, AgeJET operates uniquely. It achieves controlled, rapid heating in the treatment areas, which promotes collagen remodeling and restores skin elasticity without compromising the outermost epidermal layer. This approach avoids significant complications and downtime.